JahVelle’s Bio

JahVelle playing outside the “18th and Vine” Historical Jazz District in Kansas City. Revisiting his old stomping grounds as a child.

Jahvelle Rhone was born and raised in the heart of Kansas City, Ks, where he found a love and gifting in music in the church and at home.” “It all started in the basement of my childhood home, where my dad used to play the guitar after church and my brothers and I would dance for hours upon hours to his music.” “It was then,” JahVelle says “I knew that I would love nothing more than to be a musician because that day, the joy we felt in that basement and listening to the sounds of the soulful music, had to be Supernatural”.

At age 11, Jahvelle began playing the trumpet where his teacher noticed that he was gifted and different from the other students in his beginning band class because he had the ability to catch on and learn quicker than most kids his age. His band director quickly moved him from beginning band, intermediate band and next to advanced band. From there Jahvelle went to high school where he began playing many different instruments from the trumpet to the baritone, the trombone, the tuba, the piano and finally to the saxophone, which eventually led to him teaching his Freshman Band class under the leadership of his band director, where he would later teach himself to read both treble and bass clef which led to an interest in arranging band music for his 100 piece high school band and jazz ensembles. JahVelle in this time became a member of the 1998 All-City Orchestra, 2001-2003 Kansas City Youth Jazz band, where he spent countless weekends in the 18th and Vine Historical Jazz district under the direction of a Kansas City Jazz Legend Dr. Leon Brady, 1999-2003 F. L. Schlagle’s; jazz band, marching-band, drum major, section leader under the direction of Mr.Reginald L. May, and then to becoming one of Kansas’s top ranked high school Euphonium  (baritone) players.

In 2003 JahVelle’s college career began at Florida A&M University where he studied music under the direction of Dr. Julian E.White and Prof. Charles Bing and after a short time at FAMU JahVelle later transferred to Kansas State University. It was there in his dorm room, after a troubling afternoon and a fervent prayer of desperation, where he truly received Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit filled his room, as he states “My life was changed forever”. In May of 2010 JahVelle received his Bachelors degree at Kansas State University. JahVelle currently loves to work with musicians, for musicians and as a Chief Musician, he assists with the musical and spiritual development of the musicians. JahVelle stands on Matthew 6:33 and Psalm 33. JahVelle believes that seeking the cause of the kingdom skillfully, in boldness, under the Spirit, and in truth leads to walking and fulfilling the promises of God.

JahVelle has played alongside many jazz greats such as Legendary Jazz Hall of Fame  trumpeter “Clark Terry”, The legendary, Saxophonist, Kirk Whalum,  Saxophonist and Arranger, Donald Hayes, bassist and Kansas City Native, Julian Vaughn, Smooth Jazz Saxophonist, Vandell Andrew, B.K. Jackson.  Sharing the platform in ministry with numerous Gospel Recording Artists  which include the ministry of Pastor Jason Nelson, Anita Wilson, Tommi and Tobbi, Vicki Yohe, Clifford “HizWay” Watkins, Pastor Michael Lampkin, featured by Minister Jason Sims on the song entitled “David’s Harp”,  Justin Aaron And The Royal Priesthood and many more.